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Program Information and Benefits

Equine-assisted activities can be very beneficial to people with a variety of challenges including ADHD/ADD, learning disabilities, anxiety, physical disabilities and those who live with autism.

West Wind Stables’ Horse Sense program offers everything from individual sessions (i.e. brushing and walking the horses) to small or medium-sized group interactions that can include riding. This program can be tailored to suit a person’s specific needs. These visits can be scheduled weekly to build an ongoing relationship or as an occasional recreational outing for clients.


These interactions with horses can provide physical and emotional benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, improved self-confidence, increased mobility and range of motion as well as improved communication and attention span and promotion of independence.


Horses are social creatures. They are non-judgmental and honest in their behaviour and emotions. They can provide tactile stimulation in a safe and secure way while providing the client(s) with any number of physical and/or emotional benefits. When spending time with a horse, one can forget the struggles of a disability and feel freedom!


We have an insulated, bright indoor riding arena and a clean and spacious barn, as well as wheelchair accessible bathrooms, classrooms and lobby. Ample parking can accommodate larger vehicles, such as vans and buses, for group visits.


Our program is facilitated by a CanTRA-certified instructor, in conjunction with the owners of West Wind Stables and a certified Equestrian Canada Coach.

Horse Sense for Seniors

This program is designed to offer a daytime outing that includes interaction with our horses or ponies along with beverages and snacks afterwards.  A wonderful opportunity to spend time with these wonderful creatures.   We are able to operate in all four seasons, in a fully insulated equestrian facility.


Participants can enjoy a hands on experience with some of our horses.  A variety of activities include: grooming and petting the horses and ponies while learning a little bit about our equine friends.


We can accommodate walkers and wheelchairs in our facility along with a large parking area for vans or buses.


Our package would be for a minimum of 5 visitors (along with their aides), up to a maximum of 25.


Your 2 hour adventure includes: a tour of our facility including our outdoor corrals (weather permitting), hands on experience with our horses and ponies, grooming with assistance from our staff, a Q and A and horse related games in our main floor lounge while enjoying  tea, coffee, water, juice, baked goods and fruit.  The cost for this visit would be $10/person + GST

Horse Sense Program

Horse Sense is an equine-assisted activity program for those living with physical and/or psychological challenges.

For more information on this program please Contact Us.

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